What is Snuggz?

What is Snuggz?

We're glad you asked! Snuggz is the all-new, UK based brand, specialising in all things cosy, soft and super snug! We're basically a great big hug in a hoodie! 

We have just launched our awesome range of hooded blankets for kids and adults and are so excited for you to try them!


What is the difference between Snuggz Original and Snuggz Lite?

The Snuggz Original hooded blanket is the softest, cuddliest big hug in a hoodie, designed to keep you warm, cosy and totally snug!  It's double-layered with 100% Sherpa fleece lining and is our fluffiest, thickest hooded blanket.

Our Snuggz Lite hooded blanket is our same huge, oversized hooded blanket, but without the Sherpa fleece lining.  Think comfy, cosy and lighter weight leaving you more free to move about and enjoy all year round!


 Snuggz Original Snuggz Lite
Huge oversized hooded blanket Same huge oversized hooded blanket
Double-layer with 100% Sherpa fleece lining Single layer supersoft hoodie without lining
Massive pocket, ribbed cuffs & hood Massive pocket, ribbed cuffs & hood
Available in 3 kids' sizes & one size fits all for adults Available in 3 kids' sizes & one size fits all for adults


Why is Snuggz the best hooded blanket in the UK?

We don't want to blow our own trumpet here, but we really are the comfiest and snuggliest (yes, it's a word, we made it!) oversized hooded blanket.  We're totally 100% cruelty free and vegan, have 3 different kids sizes for safety and comfort and are actively researching and developing our product to make it as clean for the planet as we possibly can!

  • Three different kids sizes – we know kids want the best cosywear too, so we have specially designed our hoodies in three different sizes to suit all ages
  • Fantastic quality, with 100% Sherpa fleece lining on our Original range, so you can be sure it will stay in great shape even with frequent use!
  • Machine washable at 40° and super quick drying
  • Small spills simply wipe away

Where can I wear my Snuggz?

Snuggz are for everywhere!  The perfect gift for all (including yourself) – the sofa, snacks and chill bod looking for that comfy oversized hoodie to relax in, the always-cold person to wear 24/7 and even for the adventure-lover as the perfect companion for camping trips!